Registration Guideline (for Foreigners)

※ Pre-registration Deadline for Online Participants: November 15 (Mon), 2021


How to Register

  • Sign-up at the website is required in advance for online registration.
    *Please note that the sign-up at our website is required only once for both registration and abstract submission. If you have already signed up, please log in with your ID to proceed with your online registration.
  • Online registration is highly recommended. If you experience difficulties with your online registration, please contact the secretariat at
  • Acknowledgement of Registration will be sent to you via email after your online registration is submitted.
  • Confirmation of Registration will be sent to you via email after checking that your registration fee is fully paid.
  • You will be able to check your registration status at My Page.
  • Members who do not pay the 2021 annual ISLS membership fee will be considered as non-members.
  • You can get a discount if you choose the Symposium + ISLS Membership option.
  • The list of countries that will not be exempted from the quarantine requirements in November will be announced at the end of October.
  • We will inform onsite registrants on how to apply and prepare for visa issuance and the quarantine exemption. As for participants who are unable to enter Korea in November, we will send a separate guideline on how to change their registration so that they may participate in the congress online.

Pre-registration Fee

Registration Category Pre-registration
Onsite Participant
(by November 1)
Online Participant
(by November 15)
ISLS Member
(2021 Membership Fee Paid Member)
Standard USD 100 USD 50
Junior USD 40 USD 20
Associate (Allied Health Member) Waived Waived
ISLS Non-member Standard Symposium Only USD 120 USD 60
Symposium + ISLS Membership USD 150
USD 20 Discount
USD 90
USD 20 Discount
Junior Symposium Only USD 50 USD 25
Symposium + ISLS Membership USD 70
USD 10 Discount
USD 45
USD 10 Discount
(Allied Health Member)
Symposium Only Waived Waived
Symposium + ISLS Membership USD 30 USD 30
  • If you are a new member to ISLS, please be informed that your sign-up information will be transferred to ISLS and that the completion of your registration will be deemed as your consent to the collection of your personal information.
  • For the ISLS 2021 registrants (ISLS members, Non-member who pay the ‘Symposium + ISLS Membership’ fee), the ISLS membership will be maintained until December 31, 2022.
  • For your ISLS membership for the year 2021 and the membership benefits, please visit here to check for more details.
  • Standard

    Standard Membership is reserved for surgeons, physicians, and scientists or those who have completed their doctoral level training program or the equivalent.

  • Junior

    Junior Membership is for students, residents, and fellow applicants who have completed their training.

  • Associate (Allied Health Member)

    Associate Members shall be nurses, nurse practitioners, physician’s assistants, coordinators, and technicians in liver and pancreas surgery or those who are actively engaged in the science or clinical practice of liver and pancreas surgery.

Optional Fees

For the following optional fees, you may proceed with the payment upon your selection during your registration process.

1) Welcome Dinner Onsite participants Only
  • Price: USD 20 for admission to the welcome dinner for one person
  • Date & Time: 18:30-20:00, November 26 (Fri), 2021
  • Location: To be announced
2) Notarized Invitation Letter Onsite participants Only
  • Price: USD 50
  • The notary service and air courier (EMS) charges are included in the price.
  • Personal information (home address, phone number, passport number, etc.) will be requested during your registration process.
  • Please note that the notarized invitation letter will not be refunded once it is issued. Hence, please make sure with the Korean Embassy in your country whether a notarized letter is required for visa issuance.
  • *Please refer to the “Visa & Invitation Letter” page of the website for more information on visa issuance and the original invitation letter.
3) Journal Subscription: International Journal of Surgery (SCIE, IF 3.158) – Official Journal of ISLS
  • Price: USD 50
  • Journal subscription fee will be charged upon your selection during the online registration process.
  • If you select the journal subscription along with the ISLS membership during the ISLS 2021 registration process, your journal subscription will be maintained until December 31, 2022.

Payment Methods

1) Credit Card
  • Payment by credit card is available only through the online registration system.
  • The actual debit amount is subject to change depending on the exchange rate.
  • All service charges of credit cards are to be paid by the registrants.
2) Wire Transfer
  • All bank remittance charges are to be paid by the registrants.
  • Appropriate payment should be completed within the right period of registration. If the payment is made after the registration period, an additional fee will be required to be sent by wire transfer to complete the registration.
  • Please note that the sender’s name should be the same as the registrant’s name in order for us to identify the registrant. If the sender’s name is not the same as the registrant’s name, please let us know by email at so that we may identify and update your registration status.

Cancellation Refund Policy

Cancellation by November 1 (Mon), 2021: 100% Refund
Cancellation after November 1 (Mon), 2021: No Refund
  • Cancellation must be notified to the secretariat in writing by email at
  • All refunds will be made after the meeting for administrative reasons.
  • All bank service charges and administration fees will be deducted from your refund amount.